The main events of the laboratory

Fiscal Year 2014
August 1st A joint midterm seminar of this laboratory and the Nakamura laboratory was held.

May 29-31th We performed a study tour on May 29 and 31th and visited Matsusaka city, Taki town and Toba city.

March 25th Four undergraduates, five masters, three doctors were graduated from.

Fiscal Year 2013
February12-13,18th Graduation and doctor's thesis announcement (February 12), master's thesis announcement (February 13days) was finished.

January 12-16th Professor Yoshitsugu Hayashi, Hirokazu Kato, Kei Ito (doctor three years) performed results of research report in TRB. 「The event details are here」

December 27th A joint midterm seminar of this laboratory and the Nakamura laboratory was held.

November 17th Professor Yoshitsugu Hayashi gave a lecture in Transport Day 2013 of COP19 hosted by UNFCCC. 「The event details are here」

October 5th 1E-1105 international workshop - the "DESIGNING LOW-CARBON BLOCKS-Technology and Planning" Was held.

August 4-5th We performed a seminar trip on August 4 and 5th and visited Yokkaichi Port and Mt. Gozaisho.

July 15-18th Professor Yoshitsugu Hayashi took office as a chairperson of WCTRS. 「The event details are here (The meeting HP)」 「The event details are here(WCTRS HP)」

June 1-2th The 47th Infrastructure planning research meeting for presenting research papers (spring meeting) was carried out in Hiroshima Institute of Technology on June 1 and 2nd.

April 30th A new pupil reception was performed. One doctor course 1st student,two master course 1st students joined this laboratory.
Researcher Wu Chuntao took her position in our lab.

Fiscal Year 2012
March 6-8th Our laboratory member presented five series in the 8th Meeting of the Institute of Life Cycle Assessment, Japan.

February 6-8th Graduation thesis announcement (February 6), master's thesis announcement (February 7 .8 days) was finished.

December 28th A joint midterm seminar of this laboratory and the Nakamura laboratory was held.

November 20-23th This laboratory member made presentation in the The 10th International Conference on EcoBalance held in Yokohama on November 20 to 23.

October 19th A new pupil reception was performed. One doctor course 1st student,four department 3th students joined this laboratory.

August 1st

Researcher Sugito Nobuhiko took his position in our lab.

July 31th A joint midterm seminar of this laboratory and the Nakamura laboratory was held.

May 3〜4th

This laboratory member made presentation in the SSMS international symposium 2012 held in Taiwan on May 3rd to 4th.

May 1st Researcher Morita Hiroyoshi took his position in our lab.
Fiscal Year 2010
November 5th

On the basis of the result of the collaboration with Chubu Economic Federation from the year 2008 to 2009, a proposal book was submitted by Chubu Economic Federation.

October 29th

A new pupil reception was performed. One Chinese government supported researcher, one doctor course 1st student, one master course 1st student, two department research students and four department 3th students joined this laboratory.

October 10th 「都市のクオリティ・ストック―土地利用・緑地・交通の総合戦略」(Meaning : The quality stock of the city ― A broad strategic view of the land use, the green tract of land and the traffic) by the compilation of Professor Hayashi and Associate Professor Kato of this laboratory won a prize for Japan section of the RSAI writing.

Fiscal Year 2009
November 13th to 14th

International Symposium Nagoya 2009 Transport and Climate Change (TraCC) -- Recommendations from WCTRS to COP15 and Beyond -- held in Nagoya University.(13-14 November 2009) ".

The researcher and the consultant who was related to the GHG reduction plan of a traffic section were invited from the university and the international organization, etc. in the world. We exchanged wide information about directions of the latest finding and the match. It made practical proposals by the purpose of contributing to COP15 held in Copenhargen in December. The symposium is what SIG11 of WCTRS and INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH CENTER FOR SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORT AND CITIES of Nagoya University graduate school environmentology research course hold it jointly. Moreover, the support of GERF/S-6 has been received. This laboratory managed the symposium to the center.

October 1th

Researcher FENG Xuesong and Researcher JIA Peng took their positions in our lab.

September 30th

Researcher Ji Han retired in our lab and become special-appointment researcher for Sustainability Science cooperation research organization of Tokyo Universityへ)

May 1th

Researcher MAI Xianmin took his position in our lab.

April 22th

Professor Hans-Peter Duerr and Professor Uzawa held the special lecture and discussion.

Fiscal Year 2008
February 16th to 18th

Prof. Hayashi, Dr. Kato and Mr. Shibahara made presentations in "International Symposium"Realizing Low Carbon Cities: Bridging Science and Policy" & International Workshop Towards Low Carbon Cities:Understanding andAnalyzing Urban Energy and Carbon (16-18 February 2009) ".

December 12th

We had some participants of the 8th International conference on EcoBalance at Tokyo big sight.Please refer the contents uploaded in the list of papers if you hope.

November 18th

We published the annual report of our laboratory"anyway".

Octover 11th

The Education for Sustainable Development(ESD) workshop has been hold at the environmental comprehensive lecture hall. We invited the representatives from Asia & Oceania, and made lectures about “education” which concerned with sustainable development. In the panel discussion, professor Hayashi served as the coordinator.

Octover 7th

Mr.Henrik Gudmundsson from a technical university of Denmark visited our laboratory to exchange ideas about "sustainable transport".

Octover 1st

Researcher Togawa Takuya took his position in our lab.

July 14th

Professor Werner Rothengatter (University of Karlsruhe) delivered a special lecture. The content of the lecture was "Internalization of External Costs of Transport in the EU".

April 13th

"Workshop concerning the sustainable land use and the city development strategy" was organized by our laboratory. Lectures were given firstly by Professor Hayashi and then by Professor Kenji Doi (Kagawa University) , Professor Takashi Kyotani (Tohoku University), Professor Zhongzhen Yang(Dalian maritime affairs university), Professor Sasakiha (Waseda University), Visiting professor Canesou (Keiichi university), and Professor Kenichi Sugihara (Gifu economy University).

Moreover, "the 25+2th anniversary of Hayashi laboratory" was held at night. It was a successful party that OB・OG of Hayashi laboratory all gathered together.

April 9th

A special seminar by Professor Hans-Peter Duerr.

April 8th

Professor Hans-Peter Duerr (Honored director of max Planck Physics Laboratory, visiting professor of Munich University and guest professor of Nagoya University) delivered a special lecture. Professor Hayashi made a summarized explanation.


This year we have one person enrolled in the doctor course, and nine persons in master course, it will be a new start for us.

Fiscal Year 2007

Five students got their MS degrees, and three students entered the graduate school. Secretary Amiya also graduated.

February 28th ~March 1st

From February 28th to March 1st in 2008, Japanese LCA society research symposium (Organizer: Japanese LCA academic society. Sponsor: the Graduate School of Environmental studies of Nagoya University, Institute of Ecotopia) was held in Nagoya University. Associate Professor Kato acted as a vice chairman of the execution committee. Researcher Kachi and Shibahara served as the execution committeemen. Moreover, for our laboratory, Morimoto's "Examination concerning the LCA technique of the road improvement business" won the excellent prize of student poster.

February 3rd

On February 3rd 2008, ESD (Education for sustainable development) promotion workshop and international symposium from the perspective of citizens to think the future of earth (Organized by the Graduate School of International Development and Graduate School of Environmental Studies of Nagoya University. Sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Nagoya Environmental University and Chubu University) was held. Professor Ernst Ulrich phone Weizsacker, dean of the Department of Environmental Science Management of University of California, Santa Barbara, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Education and Factor 5 for the Sustainable Development". Professor Hayashi acted as the coordinator of panel discussion.

November 30thAssistant Prof. Perin alpcokin retired and become the assistant of the Istanbul Institute of Technology.
November 10th

We invited Professor Tony May, the professor of British Leeds University and the chairman of World Conference on Transportation Research Society, to deliver a special seminar on November 10, 2007.

The content of the lecture was "Advanced technologies for urban passenger transport".

November 1st Professor Hayashi's speech was quoted in the 2007 November edition of Nagoya News.
October 1stDr. Han Ji, JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) Fellowship, took his position in our lab.
August 1st Mr. Heru Sutomo, professor of Gajamada University in the Republic of Indonesia, was invited to our lab as a guest professor (Until the end of October).
July 11th Researcher Shibahara Naoki took his position in our lab.
July 11th Professor Kay Axhausen from the Institute of Transportation Planning of Swiss Federal Technology University was invited to give a special lecture.
April 18thIn the symposium of Civil Engineering Central Branch held on March 2 of 2007, Mr. Tomoya Go (graduated in fiscal year 2006) of our laboratory won the excellent lecture prize.

April 1Dr. Kachi Noriyasu took his position in our lab as a researcher.
The titles of Associate Professor Kato and Assistant Pelin were changed from Semi Jokyoju to Junnkyoju, and from assistant to assistant professor.