Research Introduction

Hayashi/Kato laboratory, led by Professor Yoshitsugu Hayashi and Associate Professor Hirokazu Kato, is composed of doctor course students (Graduate School of Environmental Studies and Graduate School of Engineering), master course students (Graduate School of Environmental Studies), research students and undergraduate students. By employing "Sustainable" and "Quality of Life" as the major keywords, we conduct researches actively on land use, city development, transportation and environment.

The students in this lab come from various universities, from the northernmost Tohoku University to the southernmost Ryukyu University, Okinawa, Japan. We cover various study areas such as engineering, science, agriculture, environmental studies, economics, law, literature, education etc. There are also many overseas students and post doctoral researchers from different countries such as France, Germany, Romania, Egypt, Turkey, India, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, China and Korea.

In April of 2006, Professor Hayashi took the dean position as of the Graduate School of Environmental Studies until 2009.

In addition, the International Research Center for Sustainable Transport and Cities attached to the Graduate School of Environmental Studies was established from April of 2006, which reinforced the research system. In 2014, the center was extended as Education abd Research Center for Sustainable Co-Development, for which Professor Hayashi is Director.

PUTTING TRANSPORT INTO CLIMATE POLICY AGENDA - Recommendations from WCTRS to COP17 - Sponsored by: Global Environment Research Fund (S-6-5), Ministry of Environment, Japan

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The research themes of Professor Hayashi

  1. Analysis of the development and environmental influences of economic development, urbanization and motorization in the developing countries
  2. Study on the stock and green of the Japanese cities
  3. Evaluation of the social capital and Q.O.L (Quality of Life) of urban space.
  4. International collaboration research about the OECD transport, environmental load and green of the automobile taxes
  5. Study on the visualization of urban land taxation and city planning@system by GIS and CG@methods and the consensus formation process by internet

For the details, please see the homepage of Prof. Hayashi

The research themes of Associate Professor Kato

  1. Development of methodology for the evaluation of transport policyfs influences on global and urban environment ` Life cycle assessment of transportiLCAj
  2. Evaluation of the public transport maintenance and financial systems from perspective of environment
  3. Analysis of the relationship between Motorization and urban growth
  4. Maintenance strategy of regional public transport

Research Guideline

Transport behavior, car ownership and logistics are affected a lot by lifestyle. Besides, for the social system facing great environment load, we would like to answer the questions like gwhat is the environmentally friendly activitiesh by considering LCA method.

In addition, we use market mechanisms to propose various environmental policies. Based on the existing urban policies of Japan, we consider the necessary issues and conduct field works taking account of our own problems. In the future era of severe competition among mega cities, we start from the marketing thinking and develop a variety of evaluation methods.

For the details, please see the homepage of Associate Professor Kato

Guest professors

The guest professors invited by Professor Hayashi include Professor Roger Mackett (London University, UK), Professor Tony Flowerdew (Kent University,UK), Professor John Black (University of New South Wales, Australia. Now affiliating to Sydney University), Professor Heru Sutomo (Indonesia Gajamada University).

Visiting Researchers

Prof. Michael Wegener(University of Dortmund, FRG), Prof. Tony May, Prof. Peter Bonsall (University of Leeds, UK), Prof. Werner Rothengatter(Univ.of Karlsruhe,FRG), Dr. Lee Schipper(World Resources Institute, US),Prof. Robert Cervero(University of California, Berkeley, US), Prof. Francisco Maartinez(University of Chili, Chili), Prof. Natan Gartner(University of Boston, US), Dr. John Roy(CSIRO,Australia) , President Wan Gan, Prof. Yang Dongyuen and Prof.Pan(Tongji University)...